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The Luminous Group started life in 2004 in Newcastle Upon Tyne under the name Digital Surveys. As Digital Surveys the company specialised in 3D mapping and dimensional control services in the energy and construction sector. The company pioneered the use of 3D laser scanning to digitise complex environments to create detailed as-built 3D models, simulations, and visualisations of real-world locations.

Always looking to innovate, the company began investigating new ways to utilise these 3D models to create added value for their clients. The natural evolution of this was to take the 3D models into a real time games engine environment. The benefits for clients of being able to explore their facilities in real time was huge and this coupled with emerging virtual reality headsets opened up a whole new opportunity and market.

The team rapidly expanded bringing in Unity Developers, 3D Artists and UX Designers and created a host of VR apps to enhance operations, training and maintenance procedures for large manufacturing organisations.

To represent the company’s evolution more accurately in 2016 it was rebranded, and the Luminous Group was born.

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Luminous Vision

To enhance operations, training and maintenance procedures through rapid technology innovation

The vision for Luminous is to be a leading global digital solutions provider in the manufacturing and industrial sector leveraging the latest breakthrough technologies to enhance clients training operations and maintenance procedures.

The goal is to develop a set of self-servicing complimentary core products that encompasses 3D data capture, Immersive training, simulation, and visual Inspection powered by mixed reality, AI, the cloud and computer vision.

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Our company culture

Luminous aims to foster a culture of innovation and growth driven by our team’s desire to experiment and constantly evolve and enhance their own skill sets. Working with global companies from our UK and Middle East offices Luminous has built an envious reputation and operates almost as an extension of our client’s R&D functions.


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