Bespoke XR Content Development

For process and knowledge-based technical training

Bespoke VR 2

The Luminous team have been working with enterprise clients in industrial and manufacturing environments for over 5 years. In this period, we have optimised our workflows to efficiently capture requirements and build complex technical based XR training content.

We can help you take your existing training and enhance it by introducing an immersive element using XR. When looking to introduce XR it is key to identify where the technology can enhance your existing training and add value. Our team of experts can help you as you embark on your journey into XR and the training metaverse.

80% reduction in training time.

10-20% improvement in productivity

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Maximise ROI on your training

XR is excellent for:

  • Technical Training
  • Linear process-based training
  • Building muscle memory
  • Learning by doing
  • Hazardous or dangerous training scenarios
  • Training that is restricted by access or cost in real-world

The Luminous team will help you identify the best training scenarios that will provide the most return on investment. This can be done in several ways through a Luminous led ‘Envisioning Session’.

Capturing Requirements

We get to the root of your training needs

Once the key training scenarios have been identified the Luminous team will work your subject matter specialists to document the process as it is done in the real world. This will require capturing videos of the process and may even require laser scans of the real environment. We work with your SMEs to define learning outcomes and goals and make sure that the XR content we develop meets these criteria.

A training scenario will typically be broken down into more manageable modules. Luminous will then identify all the steps required to carry out the procedure in granular detail per module. Typically we aim to keep a module to around 50 steps, much more than this and it becomes difficult for the trainee to remember in one go.

Our team follows the following procedure:

  • 1. Document all individual steps in the process.

  • 2. Convert the steps into a user flow showing UI (User Interface) Panels and game actions.

  • 3. Create storyboards of the process and the different interaction that may be required.

XR Content Development

Get into the FLOW

At Luminous we’ve created specific inhouse tools to make building XR training content as efficient as possible. Typically building a bespoke XR scenario has been very expensive as you are building a video game from scratch. Luminous have created a set of modular templates and a visual scripting tool called Flow which allows us to build content extremely efficiently with a host of features such as multiuser, skipping, real time analytics and class management designed in from the ground up.

The results are that you get your bespoke content quickly and more importantly built on tried and tested platform which is constantly evolving and maturing.

Check out Flow

Luminous Worker

From development to deployment at scale with PORTAL

Once your training scenarios have been created they are hosted through PORTAL the luminous XR platform.

Benefits of the Luminous Platform – Portal

A robust enterprise platform for delivering XR contentBuilt from the ground up for Multi-UserDesigned for linear technical training with skipping forwards and backwards between steps and jump to featureThree proven learning modes: Guided Learning, Practice & AssessmentTrainer & Trainee portal and dashboard

Check out or Portal overview for the full feature list.