For XR Content Pros

Luminous have created a developer tool for authoring high quality XR (Virtual reality & mixed reality) scenarios in a standardized way.

Flow Forklift

Training scenarios built with Flow immerse learners in foundational knowledge, and simulate complex process driven tasks that are typically difficult to train and practice.

The tool is a graphing system which allows anyone to create highly complex functionality by simply plugging the nodes together. It supports many high-level features out of the box with little to no set-up required.

These features include;

  • Multiuser
  • PORTAL integration
  • Automatic UI positioning
  • Skipping/jumping between steps and many more

We have a suite of available nodes which cover most functionality such as grabbing, teleporting, gazing, etc. as well also supporting adding custom nodes for more bespoke functionality.

  • No prior experience needed
  • Standardized workflow
  • Reduced production time
  • Easy to edit/tweak
  • Key features supported with little set-up
  • A visual representation of the scenario functionality
  • Multiplatform
  • VR object set up tool
  • Session replay and review

Accelerate your deployments with FLOW

Flow provides our enterprise clients, developer network and partners the tools to quickly and efficiently build bug free, process driven training content that works perfectly with the Luminous templates and PORTAL metaverse training platform.

If your building industrial based training, then leverage our experience and content library to scale up quickly and accelerate your deployment.