Supercharge your training with XR

XR (Extended Reality) covers a spectrum of devices from virtual reality to augmented or mixed reality. Harnessing these technologies and learning by doing is proven to drastically improve training times and knowledge retention. The Luminous XR Platform supports a range of training scenarios from virtual training in complete simulated environments to on-the-job training enhanced through holographic guides and mixed reality.

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Increased engagement and reduced time to competency for learners

Advantages of XR Training

There are a number of different ways that people learn.

These range from reading and writing to listening to kinaesthetic learning (learning by doing).
Most traditional learning is classroom based through reading and writing which does not suit everyone.
For technical and operational roles learning by doing is far more effective. XR is ideally suited for learning by allowing users to practice the real procedures and build up muscle memory. By introducing repetition and variations it helps the brain build the right connections for knowledge retention greatly improving time to competency.

Unity interactions VR

XR Training Applications


Virtual Reality closes the user off in a completely simulated environment. This is good for simulating hazardous or remote locations and high risk/low volume tasks. Users can practice these tasks safely in a controlled environment and witness and experience the repercussions if things go wrong first hand.

XR Training Applications


Mixed reality allows the user to see the real world around them; this is then supplemented with 3D holograms to guide them through a task. Mixed reality is best suited to help the user carry out a real world task for example working on an assembly line assembling or disassembling a part.

The holographic guides give step by step instructions showing employees how to use tools and parts in real work situations.

The Luminous Platform.
Dive right in.

Learning by doing for increased knowledge retention

The Luminous XR Platform is built on a proven formula that teaches and reinforces learning for users. It encompasses the following four elements: orientation, guided learning, practice mode and assessment mode.


This familiarises the users with the controls and interactions needed to complete the training as well as the intended goals and outcomes.

Practice Mode

Students must recall the training they have learned and apply it correctly. If they carry out a step incorrectly they are notified and given the option to try again.

Assessment Mode

Trainer led assessment with data driven metric and results.

Guided Learning

With one-on-one mentoring the student is guided through every step of the training supported by visual cues, audio narrative and call outs.

Remote Collaboration

The Luminous XR Platform also supports simultaneous multi-users. Up to 20 students and an instructor can be present in a single training module.

The Instructor can take control at any time and carry out a task while the students observe. Students can login securely from anywhere in the world to join a class and interact and talk freely providing an enhanced, more natural interaction.

Non VR users can connect via our desktop application.

So many applications.

  • Virtual onboarding & inductions
  • Remote interactive design reviews
  • Training & equipment familiarisation
  • Realtime assessment & certification


Reduction in training time


Boost In productivity



Use XR to see it from every angle.

From complex machinery to real-world locations our team of artists can accurately recreate your environments as highly optimised 3D models.

Fully immersive. Tailored for you.

To manage students and classes we’ve created a secure web-based portal. This portal allows the administration and assessment of students and the deployment of training content to devices.

  • Single Sign on integration
  • Manage users and view scenarios
  • Create Single or Multi User sessions 
  • Remote real-time user viewing
  • Session recording 
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Deploy new training content


Scalable solutions designed for Enterprise

XR training can be delivered in a variety of ways from remotely to classroom based. The Luminous XR Platform can cater for both scenarios.

From high end professional grade VR systems installed on site to consumer mobile devices that allow users to learn at their own pace at home we’ve got it covered.

All devices and content are managed through our cloud-based portal giving you the freedom to choose on how you want to deliver content and get your students to learn. Speak to one of our consultants to discuss the solution that would work best for you and your business.

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