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Luminous Group, has appointed a new head of sales as the company continues to forge new business partnerships and develop technological innovations.

Caroline Oswald has over a decade of sales experience, with seven years in SaaS, which will be vital for Luminous Group’s strategy to transition into new markets including food, pharmaceuticals and automotive.

Ms Oswald said: “The digital solutions that Luminous Group produces are so progressive that I couldn’t wait to be a part of the team and grab the opportunity to educate different markets on the groundbreaking technology.

“Take for example its newest solution[CO1] , traXR, in a nutshell, it digitises what has traditionally been a paper-based exercise using augmented and mixed reality. Some of the world’s biggest food manufacturers are already working with us and the feedback has been incredible.”

“Watching clients experience the technology for the first time is very exciting. Simply putting on a headset or trying out the mobile app blows them away. It is clear that we are on the crest of something special.”

Ben Bennett, managing director at Luminous Group, said: “Caroline’s combination of her passion for technology, sales expertise, and creative thinking makes her an invaluable addition to the team as we continue to identify and drive new avenues for the business.

“We are anticipating a rapid expansion as we officialy bring traXR to market in 2020 and Caroline will be integral to growing global sales relationships.

“All of our products and services complement each other and have the potential to be utilisied in many sectors and applied to many operational challenges, so mapping out how we can optimise this is fundamental to the growth of the company.”

traXR is a pathogen monitoring software solution which makes food safety audit systems intuitive, reduces the cost of compliance, and identifies and reduces risks faster. The information is presented in real time which enables the user to track and add information whilst walking the factory floor, increasing the task efficiency by around 70 per cent.



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