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Aarsleff are an innovative Piling, Geotechnical and Sheet Piling contractor and subsidiary of Per Aarsleff A/S, one of Denmark’s leading civil engineering contractors.

Aarsleff approached Luminous to explore how they could introduce VR into there business to assist with visualisation and project planning, as well as using it as a marketing, training and recruitment tool.

To show off the companies multiple capabilities a concept was developed around a mini 3d site map set in an Aarsleff branded office environment. Users could interact with the map and then teleport into different districts. These included a residential, industrial and mining scenario’s.

Once in the area a range of geo technical tasks take place around the user. These include interactive cutaway’s taking the user underground for a close up of the processes. To showcase the experience to clients Aarsleff have setup at dedicated virtual reality room, which is known to Aarsleff employees as the ‘vroom’!

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Offshore VR Training

Offshore VR Training

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VR Fire Safety Training

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