Interactive Vessel Model

Built from laser scan data


The Luminous team deployed to the vessel which was working off the coast of Mozambique. The primary objective was to capture high pressure piping runs around the vessel. This data would be used to create a 3D model and allow new piping to be designed and fabricated. The team were offshore for 8 days and captured over 500 laser scans and almost 80% of the ship


The scan was able to pick up many additional areas that were coming up for maintenance. Once such area was the riser tensioners. Luminous provided a range of deliverable s to the client these included colour 3D point cloud, truview 360 images and as built plans and drawings.

The model was then used to virtually design critical new equipment and piping with the knowledge that they would fit first time.


Luminous then used the as-built model to create a virtual reality version. The models were optimized for the Unreal games engine and setup to provide a range of training exercises that could be used for situational awareness, identifying muster and fire points.

Virtual reality is ideally suited to providing training for hazardous or remote locations. Using laser scanning and 3D modelling allows these locations to be captured and modeled exactly as they are in real life. The Luminous team are experts in this process building hyper-real virtual applications.

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