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Luminous worked with Rentokil to help develop a virtual reality experience. The app was designed to showcase how VR can be used to educate, train and recruit new members of staff. It focused on the day in the life of a Rentokil technician. We helped develop 2 different training scenarios which showcased different techniques and equipment used in a typical days work.



Luminous recreated a range of pieces of equipment including PPE equipment, pesticides, chemicals and various traps. The user used an interactive mobile phone to receive new jobs and tasks. The experience was built using the Unity games engine. Three main scenes were developed, the Rentokil office and vehicle, a bakery environment and a private home.

Once at each location a range of complex tasks and procedure had to be executed. Using the HTC Vive and full rooms scale VR users were able to accurately recreate and practice these actions in life like scenes.

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