RRS Discovery

Digitization & Virtual Reconstruction of this iconic vessel


  • To digitally document the vessel in 3D providing a snap shot in time
  • To create a detailed record of the vessels internal and external structure
  • To provide a 3D model of the vessel for visualisations and virtual tours

"…a major step forward in the understanding of this internationally significant ship…"


Using a range of laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques the Luminous team carried out a full digitization of the vessel externally and a number of key internal rooms. This included detailed 3D geometry and high resolution textures. This data set was used to build an accurate 3D model of the vessel.


Once the 3D model was created it was optimized for use within the Unreal games engine. A photo realistic interactive version of the ward room was recreated. This allows a user to explore this historic area and enter the personal quarters of Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton.

Other Projects

Tintern Abbey – VR Experience

Tintern Abbey – VR Experience

Interactive VR experience of Tintern Abbey created from LiDAR data.

Maid of the Loch

Maid of the Loch

Virtual Reconstruction From point cloud data set

Martello Tower VR

Martello Tower VR

Interactive Reconstruction

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