The Luminous Group are experienced at building highly immersive VR training content which is far less costly than conventional screen-based simulators. As well as being far more cost effective our system delivers an unprecedented level of ‘presence’ meaning an operator truly feels like he is in the crane and working at height.

This has huge advantages for port and marine professionals looking to improve training while reducing the time required to train on the real thing.

Our solution comes in a small form factor making it easy to deploy or move around training facilities.

By using the latest games engine and real-time physics system we can mimic real world environments, forces and collisions. Environmental factors, weather and wind are all introduced and have the associated feedback on the crane and cab itself.

Using VR can instantly identify issues with potential operators who may not be comfortable at heights and can also be used as an effective recruitment and screening tool.

Anti Actions

VR provides a safe environment to highlight bad practice and the consequences of this. Operators can see the real-life impact when something goes wrong. When developing bespoke scenarios, we can make this as impactful as you want creating a shock and awe element to really hammer home the importance of good health and safety procedures.


Gamification is a key element of our system and can help increase enthusiasm and general level of engagement. By adding a scoring system, randomised hazards, and changing factors and events a competitive element is introduced driving skills and overall operator achievements.

Real World Training

Our team can come to your facility or port and digitally scan it. This data is then used to build a dimensionally accurate 3D environment. This way your operators can train and familiarise themselves with their surroundings before ever leaving the class room.


Users interactions and reaction times can all be tracked to create online training logs. Eye tracking can be implemented for clients wishing to capture additional detailed interactions and analytics.

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Offshore VR Training

Offshore VR Training

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