Convergence of Technologies

The industrial sector is going through a convergence of technologies. The Internet of things (IoT), artificial Intelligence and robotics are allowing systems to become more automated and efficient than ever before.

Digital first movers simultaneously achieve new revenue and cost reduction

Mixed Reality allows first line workers in these environments to harness this data and have it delivered via virtual (VR) or augmented AR headsets to improve operational efficiency.


  • monitor product operations and conditions in real time
  • control and customize product operations remotely
  • optimize product performance using real-time data
  • improve workforce productivity


Mixed reality can be used for real-time, on-site, step-by-step visual guidance on tasks such as product assembly & machine operation.



Industry 4.0 Projects

Virtual Distribution Centre

Virtual Distribution Centre

Product Picking & Manual Handling Demo

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VR Fire Safety Training

VR Fire Safety Training

Developing immersive safety training solutions

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Immersive technical training in VR

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