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The Luminous Group has extensive experience working with the Oil & Gas sector both on and offshore. From 3D laser scanning to interactive visualisations or mixed reality app development we understand the critical nature and time pressures of this environment.

Mixed Reality can be used to help everything from visualising complex refurbishment operations to providing field tools to enhance day to day operations and maintenance.

Our knowledge and experience of reality capture and 3D laser scanning means we can build apps that utilize this spatial data in a games engine environment. We’ve created 3D models of drilling vessels and platforms to be used for health and safety training including evacuation and disaster management procedures.

Our RIVO application for the HoloLens provides first line workers  with critical data and information at the point of need on site.

3D Inspection

Luminous provide a range of 3D inspection services to verify build quality. Using engineering precision Surphaser laser scanners we can provide sub mm accuracy. We work with leading manufacturers to verify critical tie in points and nozzles on manifolds, pig receivers, christmas tress and a whole range of oil and gas equipment. We can also reverese engineering existing equipment and evaluate damage comparing design models against the ‘as is’  condition.

Asbuilt Modelling

Oil & Gas installations both on and offshore are extremely complex and often operate in harsh or remote locations. Maintaining equipment while minimising downtime is critical. By 3D laser scanning existing equipment in situ a new or replacement parts can then be designed virtually checked, for clashes and then fabricated off site and dropped into place with minimal disruption.

At Luminous we have been deploying these techniques for nearly 10 years providing asbuilt models and QA inspection for new spools, manifolds, pigs, christmas trees and all other types of oil and gas hardware

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Gantry Crane VR Simulator

Gantry Crane VR Simulator

For container loader training

Offshore VR Training

Offshore VR Training

Interactive vessel model built from laser scan data

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