Mixed reality solutions utilise 3D holograms anchored to reality, creating a blend between physical and digital content. This has been made possible through Microsoft’s ground-breaking HoloLens device. The HoloLens is unique in that it is able to build up a 3D picture of the real environment, using in-built depth sensors, cameras, and project 3D holograms in this space.

Our customers are already benefiting from this technology in applications such as remote assistance, training and task guidance, collaborative visualisation and through the delivery of contextual data at the point of need. With mixed reality solutions, we are revolutionising an array of everyday operational tasks.

This technology is creating a whole new way of interacting and delivering business applications and information to real workers in the field, through a hands-free Windows 10 device.


The Luminous Group are a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner. We specialise in the development of business applications that harness the power of mixed reality to improve operations, maintenance and training procedures. We’ve developed a number of bespoke applications specifically for the food sector. This includes augmented technical operating procedures, as well as apps to document and improve food safety standards.
We can help you to build custom applications, which will solve a range of business problems, using mixed reality solutions combined with the power of Azure Cognitive services.


DISCOVERYWorking in close collaboration with our clients we identify key business challenges. CORE BUSINESS PROBLEMWe collaboratively work with our clients to discover their business problems and develop creative solutions. ENVISIONINGWe will facilitate an envisioning session to define and priorities the best Mixed Reality use cases. PLANNINGOur designers, developers, and business strategists collaborate with our clients to architect robust scalable systems. DESIGN / UX & UIWe rapidly develop design concepts and are obsessive about the user experience. PROTOTYPINGUsing rapid iterations and agile principles, we incorporate feedback from the client and users to quickly find out what works. DEVELOPMENTOur developers and engineers have extensive experience building mission critical applications for complex industrial applications. QA / TESTINGOur QA team is relentless and will iron out any quality issues or bugs. DELIVERYWe support our clients all the way through the development process including delivery and roll out internally or globally. EVOLUTIONOur team will support you to evolve your product, ensuring it continues to deliver the highest possible value.



Dynamic 365 Guides

Up skilling new users can be time consuming and costly. Dynamics 365 Guides addresses this in a simple application that makes it easy to author training content on a desktop, and then set-up and deliver via HoloLens in a factory environment.

Interactive items like videos, 3D models, and animations can be tagged to the real-world objects. Guides then take the user through the training one step at a time. Upon completion, analytical data on the user’s progress can be processed via Power BI to give real time training feedback making it easier to identify where instruction is needed, and improve the process



Built on the Microsoft Dynamic 365 platform, remote assist has revolutionised the way workers connect and communicate. By simply using the Teams app, users can connect across multiple devices, desktop, or mobile and share the HoloLens view.

A call can be put into a remote expert anywhere in the world to help diagnose a problem or fault, while the operator works hands free to rectify it. Work order information from Dynamics 365 for Field Service and schematics, as well as diagrams from applications can all be accessed directly on the device.

We also provide virtual reality and augmented training  solutions, mixed reality development  and BIM packages . Add a new dimension to your business strategy with the Luminous Group.



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