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Most manufacturing businesses continue to have many routine processes and tasks that they carryout using analog or paper based procedures. Routine inspections, audits, permits, reviews and checklists are just a few areas that once digitised and moved to the cloud can deliver huge efficiency, cost and time savings while also eliminating human error.

Our team of developers use design thinking principles to fully understand your existing systems, identify current pain points and come up with innovative new solutions.

Using Agile methodologies and rapid prototyping we test ideas to quickly identify and validate return on investment.


DISCOVERYWorking in close collaboration with our clients we identify key business challenges. CORE BUSINESS PROBLEMWe collaboratively work with our clients to discover their business problems and develop creative solutions. ENVISIONINGWe will facilitate an envisioning session to define and priorities the best Mixed Reality use cases. PLANNINGOur designers, developers, and business strategists collaborate with our clients to architect robust scalable systems. DESIGN / UX & UIWe rapidly develop design concepts and are obsessive about the user experience. PROTOTYPINGUsing rapid iterations and agile principles, we incorporate feedback from the client and users to quickly find out what works. DEVELOPMENTOur developers and engineers have extensive experience building mission critical applications for complex industrial applications. QA / TESTINGOur QA team is relentless and will iron out any quality issues or bugs. DELIVERYWe support our clients all the way through the development process including delivery and roll out internally or globally. EVOLUTIONOur team will support you to evolve your product, ensuring it continues to deliver the highest possible value.

Computer Vision

From mobile apps to mixed reality, computer visions and AI as a Microsoft Mixed Reality partner we have experience using the latest enterprise technology available from Azure and deploying it for a range of manufacturing applications. These include:

  • Smart Measurements
  • Depalletizing
  • Workplace Safety
  • Training & Monitoring
  • Object Recognition
  • Visual Inspection and task management

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