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3D Laser Scanning

Factories and process plants are complex ever changing and evolving environments under constant pressure to improve on operational efficiency. Managing these environments can be challenging. Having out of date or incorrect facility plans can lead to project delays, clashes and rework.

In the past trying to survey these types of environments was extremely slow and often error prone. However, this has fundamentally changed with the development of relatively low cost but extremely accurate and fast 3D laser scanning solutions. 3D Laser Scanning also referred to as Reality Capture allows live operating environments to be scanned quickly and efficiently with mm accuracy. Our teams have worked in factory environments across the globe in China, the Middle East, Asia and Africa for likes of PepsiCo International, Diageo, BMW & BAE Systems.

We deploy globally and offer rapid digitization and delivery of 3D information


The laser scan creates 2 deliverables a 3D point cloud and a 360 image from each scan location. The scan data can be used straight away to measure from or as reference to coordinate new design works. We can advise on the best file formats to make this data accessible in your current CAD, PLANT or Building Information Modelling software packages or provide a free viewer.

Luminous will also always provide the 360 images as an interactive  web based virtual tour. This can be hosted in the cloud or on premise depending on your security requirements. Basic measurements can also be taken from the 360 images making it a great tool to familiarise yourself with a remote plant or check key critical dimensions.


asbuilt 3d model


Once you have an accurate 3D model of the facility it can be used in range of applications. We can provide guidance on the best way to maximise the value of this investment. Many companies prefer the point cloud data to be converted into a light weight 3D model that can be used natively in there preferred CAD packages.

Modelling is currently a manual process requiring an experienced technician to trace around the point cloud data and best fit or extrude 3D surfaces to the points. The more detail and accuracy required in the model the longer it will take and more expensive the process will be.

To be able to accurately capture and price modelling we use an industry standard set of defined levels of detail (LOD). Speak to one of our team to find out more.

Model LOD

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Once your facility has been modelled in 3D there are many ways that this data can be used to maximise your investment. The 3D Model can form the basis of a Digital Twin of the facility and used to simulate operational procedures in a virtual environment . It can be used in a games engine for interactive and immersive virtual or augmented training or used for 4D and 5D planning.


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