3D Laser Scanning & Reality Capture

For the digital smart factory

The Luminous group have over 20 years’ experience in 3D laser scanning of complex factory and process plant environments. We provide an end to end managed solution for all your 3D measurement requirements.


Reduce costs for plant maintenance and upgrades

Laser Scanning provides rapid 3D digitisation of complex facilities far more cost effectively that traditional methods.

One source of truth for all your 3D Data

Single source of truth for all your 3D Data

Reduce cost and improve accuracy through our managed data acquisition solution. We can capture and maintain all your data through our secure web portal.

Reduce rework with a first-time fit strategy

Reduce rework with a first-time fit strategy

Accurate 3D facility data allows new designs and factory upgrades to be designed and tested virtually using as-built data to ensure a first time fit on install

Improve Collaboration with Virtual Walkthroughs

Improve Collaboration with Virtual Walkthroughs

Access 360 bubble views for each scan location through a web browser to annotate, markup, measure and collaborate virtually with out needing to visit the plant.

Secure Managed Storage Solution

Secure Managed Storage Solution

We use industry leading cloud security to ensure your plant data is hosted and backup up safely. With users and rights management, we make it easy to provide access to 3rd parties when required.


Maintain Data consistency & Accuracy

Your data is only as good as how current it is. Our managed solution provides you with scheduled regular updates to capture factory changes and upgrades for a set annual fee.


Fully Managed 3D Solution

Factories are complex evolving environments. Project managers need to be sure the data they are using is accurate and up to date. Often surveys are carried out in isolation for specific design works and after the work is complete the data is obsolete and thrown away.

This is costly and with out revision and data tracking can lead to managers using incorrect data and costly mistakes. At Luminous we recognise that managing this data is challenging. We provide a full managed solution starting with a base line data capture and scheduled visits for an annual recurring fee.

Our clients get a fixed annual fee making budgeting easier and peace of mind that data is always up to date and accurate.

Get the data you need to make the right operational decisions

factory 3d laser scan
plantroom 3d point cloud
vessel point cloud
factory pointcloud
pipebridge pointcloud
plantroom point cloud

Key Benefits

Full natural 3D interaction

Reduce site Time

Fast accurate 3D data capture

Hazard Simulation

Eliminate Error

Error free & mm accuracy


Zero Downtime Required

Scanning can be carried out while plant is fully operational


World Class Security

Retain control and access of your IP and 3D data


Fully Managed Solution

Managed solution, regularly updated with fixed annual maintenance costs


Cloud Hosted

Remote data sharing and access for collaborative working

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