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What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality is a new medium made possible through Microsoft’s ground breaking HoloLens device. HoloLens and Hololens2 provide a handsfree, heads up display, but allowing users to see the real world around them, powered by Windows 10 and a next generation AI chip.

Using its in built depths sensors it can scan and recognise where it is by building up a 3D mesh of its environment.

This allows 3D holographic content to be anchored in the realworld, to persist over time and be interacted with in a variety of ways.

As a Microsoft Mixed reality partner we are working with a range of clients using this technology to develop ground breaking business applications that allow first line workers, to work smarter and more efficiently with significant returns on investment.

4x Improvement in service time for employees receiving mixed reality training

Client Development Process

The HoloLens is allowing us to reinterpret how we work learn and collaborate and there are limitless possibilities and applications. To help our clients harness this technology we work this them through a number of stages to identify the best use cases. This involves:


Envisioning Session

Envisioning Session

A workshop to understand existing pain points. We will brainstorm a range of ideas, filter and sort them to come up with 2-3 killer use cases.

Proof Of Concept

Proof Of Concept

Build a functioning proof of concept application which would be trialled for 3 months and robustly evaluated to prove the ROI.

Roll Out

Roll Out

Build and test the enterprise solution ready for roll out across the organisation.



Support and maintenance to evolve your product ensuring it continues to deliver at the highest possible value.

25% boost in productivity, Errors reduced to zero

Mixed Reality Applications

There are a number of key areas that are readily suited to the use of mixed reality these are:

Remote Assistance

  • Empowering employees to work together by allowing technicians hands free access to remote experts. Providing technical guidance, remote auditing, screen sharing and annotating.

Guided Learning

  • Augmenting holographic instructions on to equipment to allow step by step guidance, training and fault finding.

Visualisation & Collaboration

  • The ability to visualise new designs,  layouts and equipment in 3D at 1:1 scale on location. Identify and check for clashes or take measurements.

Contextual Data Delivery

  • Access to real time data and information at the point of need to improve operational efficiency. This could be anything from equipment performance metrics temperature, operating speed etc) to logistic, safety or retail information.



Dynamic 365 Guides

Up skilling new users can be time consuming and costly. Dynamics 365 Guides addresses this in a simple application that makes it easy to author training content on a desktop, and then set-up and deliver via HoloLens in a factory environment.

Interactive items like videos, 3D models, and animations can be tagged to the real-world objects. Guides then take the user through the training one step at a time. Upon completion, analytical data on the user’s progress can be processed via Power BI to give real time training feedback making it easier to identify where instruction is needed, and improve the process



Built on the Microsoft Dynamic 365 platform, remote assist has revolutionised the way workers connect and communicate. By simply using the Teams app, users can connect across multiple devices, desktop, or mobile and share the HoloLens view.

A call can be put into a remote expert anywhere in the world to help diagnose a problem or fault, while the operator works hands free to rectify it. Work order information from Dynamics 365 for Field Service and schematics, as well as diagrams from applications can all be accessed directly on the device.



Speak to one of our experts today to book a demo or see how mixed reality and HoloLens2 can transform your work.

We also provide virtual reality and augmented training  solutions, 3D laser scanning and BIM Modelling services . Add a new dimension to your business strategy with the Luminous Group.

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