Virtual Refinery

Equipment Fundamentals Training App

Bringing the plant to the classroom with (XR) Extended Reality

The Luminous group have extensive experience creating immersive content for the energy sector. We’ve used this knowledge to create a learning tool showing the fundamental equipment in a refinery.

Get ready to enter the Energy Metaverse.

50+ Interact with 50+ and growing key pieces of equipment found in a refinery.

20 Deliver blended learning for up to 20 students simultaneously.

VR refinery


  • Bring the plant to the classroom
  • Over 50 (and growing) Library of 1:1 scale modules of refinery equipment
  • Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Coolers, Compressors, Stabilising columns, and many more
  • View cut away animations and inner workings for enhanced training delivery
  • Grab scale and rotate equipment
  • Interact with info points, videos and technical documentation
  • Schedule multiuser sessions for up to 20 simultaneous users
  • Use as a teaching aid to train students on refinery basics.
  • Interactive quiz and student evaluation module


Users can simultaneously access the industrial metaverse via Quest 2 or Focus 3 all in one VR headsets or via our desktop application.

HTC Focus 3 Headset

XR Fundamentals Model

  • The starter package provides access to the virtual refinery fundamentals app and a PORTAL subscription for up to 25 active users. Luminous can also provide headsets if required.

  • Access to the refinery fundamentals app is available on an annual subscription. Please contact Luminous for the latest pricing.

  • You will require a Meta Quest 2 or HTC Focus 3 VR headset.

  • The virtual refinery equipment fundamentals app allows you to provide blended training to your staff remotely, reducing travel cost and risk while improving engagement. The app provides a fantastic introduction to refinery equipment without the need to physically visit the site.

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