XR session scheduling and data analytics platform

Administer and manage all your XR training and assessment sessions from a centralised web-based platform built on Microsoft Azure

Luminous Portal

Trainee Dashboard

Increased engagement & data insights

The trainee portal allows students to see at a glance what multi-user sessions or classes they have scheduled. This could be a group guided learning sessions, a 1:1 practice session with a mentor or an assessment. The students schedule can be viewed in table or calendar views. The trainee portal also includes a performance dashboard where they can see their latest results and data analytics.


  • Access your training schedule via web or mobile device at any time
  • See information on scenarios you’ve been assigned
  • See your latest training score and results

Trainer Portal

Advanced enterprise training deployment

The trainer portal is where instructors and administrators can manage classes and schedule multiuser sessions.

Trainer Portal features:

  • Create Classes & Users
  • Schedule multiuser sessions in all modes for group training or assessments
  • Access calendar or table view of sessions
  • Generate secure one time passcodes
  • Detailed realtime data analytics & reporting
  • Launch trainer VR or desktop viewing sessions
  • Record sessions for replay
portal screens

Realtime tracking & assessment

A trainer can view all current live sessions, track progress via the portal or jump into the action via our desktop application.


Actionable Insights

Portal comes with built in analytics to allow realtime tracking of user progress and report generation:


Luminous Launcher App

Our platform comes with a single launcher app. No matter how many training scenarios you develop you only need to install our app once. It will then pull down the required content for each user from the cloud.

Portal Features

Portal requires a subscription based on the total number of active users. Without a portal license Luminous content will run in single player guided learning mode only.

Feature Device Install Only Portal
Orientation Y Y
Guided Learning Mode Y Y
Practice Mode N Y
Assessment Mode N Y
Skip forwards or backwards through steps or chapters within the scenario. Y Y
Subjective Assessment N Y
Single Player Mode Y Y
Multi-User Mode N Y
Class & Assessment scheduling N Y
Desktop Viewer N Y
Trainer & Student Portal Dashboard Access N Y
3D Video Record & Playback N Y
Data Analytics / Reporting N Y
Launcher App N Y